Stephen Colclough Fellowships

The Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book welcomes UK and International scholars who are undertaking research into all aspects of bibliography, book history or book culture.

Scholars visiting the Colclough Centre will have access to the research facilities of the Colclough Centre as well as access to the Bangor University Research Reserve collection of over 20,000 volumes, including a collection of miscellanies, Welsh bibles, nineteenth-century editions of medieval works, Shakespeare and Dickens, and topographical material.

Scholars interested in visiting the Colclough Centre should send a letter of enquiry, stating the purpose of their visit, to

Dr Samantha Rayner, University College, London

Visiting Scholar: Spring-Summer 2019

“During my Visiting Fellowship with the Stephen Colclough Centre, I am mainly working with Dr Eben Muse to push forwards with our research on bookshops, booksellers, and bookselling. We hope to create a research network, with the help of partners such as the Welsh Books Council and the Booksellers Association, and to write at least one research bid to support further investigation around the value of the book shop, and the skills needed by booksellers today. In addition I am working on my own short monograph on booksellers, which extends the lecture I gave for the Centre at the start of my Fellowship, and which will be published by Cambridge University Press.”

“I will also be meeting with colleagues from various Schools to discuss their research plans relating to the Centre, helping where I can to suggest ways of taking these forwards, and generally supporting Centre plans to create further activity in the near future. It’s a real pleasure to be back and to be working so closely with the Centre, and I will post more news in coming weeks to update everyone on progress!”

Jin Qian, China Three Gorges University

Visiting Scholar: October 2018-October 2019

Jin Qian, Lecturer and Student Counsellor at China Three Gorges University (CTGU) and Associate Professor at CTGU Art Academy, is working with the Colclough Centre as its first visiting scholar.
At CTGU Jin Qian teaches scene design, video synthesis, camera language, 2D animation, and design basis, while also conducting extensive research done on the obstacles that the digital world creates for designers, and the opportunities to do the new and boundary-pushing work that it provides. While at the Stephen Colcloough Centre during 2018 1nd 2019, she will be researching the UK’s children’s publishing industry, examining the influence and impact that digital media, video animation and interactive art are playing in the industry.

In Qian earned her master’s degree in Industrial Design from Hubei University of Technology in 2009, preceded by a bachelor’s degree in Animation from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China in 2003. In recent years, she has been proactively taking part in the research projects on how to revive the folk culture and intangible cultural heritages in China through the applications of digital media, and how to best utilize the innovation trends in children’s book publishing from the most innovative apps and digital products to the emerging opportunities for publishers for selling rights with a transmedia approach. She believes that as technology develops, craftsmen or the inheritors of folk culture will become better at nuancing their instructions to machines, which will result in a more refined digital manufacturing.

Jin Qian is funded by the Distinguished Young Scholars fund from Hubei Provincial Department of Education along with the financial backing from CTGU.