Blog Posts: December 2019

The Christmas Day Murder 1909: Remembering Gwen Ellen Jones

Gwen Ellen Jones This photograph appeared in Yr Herald Cymraeg on 22 February 1910. With thanks to the Daily Post and Gwynedd Archives Service. Also to Barry Hillier and Rhodri Clarke for drawing my attention to it. On Christmas Day 1909 local woman Gwen Ellen Jones was brutally murdered in Holyhead. Understandably, most of the press coverage concentrated on her murderer, but sources now available today can tell us more about Gwen. As part of this, a HistoryPoints QR code has been placed near the area where Gwen lived in Bethesda to commemorate her life. This timely account from Associate Member, Dr Hazel Pierce, remembers an event that happened 110 years ago. It takes a new look at this shocking murder by focussing on Gwen, her life and the events that led to her death on Christmas Day 1909.

Publication date: 15 December 2019

Ceridwen Peris

A recent generous donation to the Stephen Colclough centre were books belonging to one of the great local pioneering women of her time, Ceridwen Peris. Borne in December 1852 in the village of Trefor, Gwynedd, near Llanberis, Alice Gray Jones became a Welsh writer and editor, known by the pseudonym "Ceridwen Peris". She was an active temperance campaigner, and a co-founder of the North Wales Women's Temperance Union.

Publication date: 11 December 2019