Official programme of the Women's Coronation ProcessionSuffrage Symposium May 2018

A programme of talks on the suffrage movement in Wales as viewed through the books and publications of the time. Featured speakers included Ceridewn Lloyd Morgan, formerly Archivist and Head of Manuscripts and Visual Images at the National Library of Wales, Neil Evans, historian and writer on the Welsh women's movement, Ryland Wallace, author of The Women's Suffrage Movement in Wales, 1866–1928, and Sue Niebrzydowski, Reader in Medieval English Literature at Bangor University. The afternoon concluded with a performance of the Pankhurst Anthem and March of the Women by the Bangor Chamber Choir.

Bangor Chamber Choir performing

Symposium Programme

  • Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan “‘Gelli, ti elli!’: merched y gogledd yn ymgyrchu dros y bleidlais” / “‘Yes, you can!’: north Wales women campaigning for the vote”.
  • Ryland Wallace “The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Wales”
  • Neil Evans –'A Cheerful Company: The Pilgrimage and Non-Militant Suffragists in Wales'
  • Alexandra Gillgrass (Colclough Centre Intern) – Introduction to the suffrage exhibition
  • Sue Niebrzydowski “Christopher St John (aka Christabel Marshall), the first woman to translate Hrotsvit of Gandersheim’s Latin plays into English
  • Christina Ruth Homer & Bangor University Chamber Choir- “The Pankhurst Anthem”, The March of the Women by Ethel Smyth (the WSPU’s “anthem”) and perhaps a more fun or folky song too. Watch the performance here.


Neil Evans Neil Evans was for many years an adult education tutor. He has done research on many aspects of modern Welsh history, including working on ‘Project Grace’ to develop teaching materials in Welsh women’s history. He is an honorary research fellow in the School of History in Bangor.
Ceridewn Lloyd Morgan Ceridewn Lloyd Morgan is an independent researcher and formerly Archivist and Head of Manuscripts and Visual Images at the National Library of Wales / Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru.
Dr Sue Niebrzydowski Dr Sue Niebrzydowski is Reader in Medieval English Literature. She has been Director of the Graduate School for the College of Arts and Humanities during her career at Bangor University. Dr Niebrzydowski is a director of The Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book at Bangor.
Ryland Wallace Ryland Wallace is a lecturer in history at Coleg Gwent, Pontypool and the author of “Organise! Organise! Organise!”: A Study of Reform Agitations in Wales, 1840–1886 (1991) and The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Wales, 1866–1928 (2009). He has been a friend, member and faithful supporter of Women’s Archive Wales for many years.
Alexandra Gillgrass
Alexandra Gillgrass is the 2018 Colclough Centre Intern. She is currently completing her MArts History degree at Bangor University.